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Building Confidence Book Series

Now you can have sections of our site's articles and plans as electronic books (ebooks). Our ebooks range between $3 and $10 each!

Readable on any computer (Windows, Mac, Linux, etc) or smart phone (iPhone, Android, Windows, etc) or device (Kindle, iPad, Touch Pad, laptop, etc), our ebooks are portable, easy to carry around and instantly available.

Read them on your daily commute, print off the plans before constructing your shed, doghouse, gazebo, stairs, picnic table or house!

They make perfect gifts!

  • To a neighbor who wants to build a shed
  • To someone who wants to build a house!
  • To a son or daughter interested in construction
  • Christmas presents
  • Excellent stocking stuffers
  • A Thank You Gift for a thoughtful friend
  • Just to cheer someone up





NOTE: These books don't replace our site, of course. There is much more to our site than could be put into even 10 books! And a membership to our site (which costs next to nothing) is still a prerequisite to having your questions answered by Dave. For more info on our site membership click here.

To read our books, simply download the free Kindle software for your phone, computer or device. If you have a Kindle it is even easier!