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Bouncy Stringers


I have straight-run, open riser stairs (brick wall on one side and open on the other) up two stories. Each flight has about 17 risers. I was planning on using 2x12s for the stringers, but once they were installed (on 3/4" hanger board at top) and the treads were put on, they were still very "bouncy" (they kind of sway - we can push them back and forth) in the center (and kind of scary). Will this "bounce" subside when the railings are installed, or is there some part that we are missing?


You should put a 2x4 post under the stringer to take this bounce away. Also try to tie the stringer into the brick wall to take out the sway. The railings won't stiffen up the stringers unless they were solid or built like a truss.


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