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Building an Entertainment Center


I'm planning on building an entertainment center/armoire. Most of the plans that I've looked at call for a 1/4" plywood back to be nailed into the sides. However, one plan that I've looked at uses a 3/4" plywood back with dadoes routed into it to hold the shelves. I plan to use the center shelf to hold a 27" TV.

In your opinion, would it be better to use the 3/4" plywood back with dadoes routed into it so that the center shelf will hold the TV without sagging?


If the length of the shelves is no more than 36" and made of 3/4" material, a 1/4" back should be sufficient if you glue and nail the back into the sides and shelves also and if the unit is supported off the floor by the sides.

A 3/4" back would be necessary if the shelves are longer than 3' and if the back is used to hang the shelving unit on a wall.


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