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Cleaning Upholstery


We have a second hand set of Queen Anne couch and chair. I am told that it's a better natural cotton material that will not clean well but it's pretty dirty. I even wondered about dyeing it. Is that a possibility?


You might try an aerosol-type Bissel or other type upholstery cleaner and try using a little water to lightly scrub the fabric. Use clean white towels to absorb the dirt and repeat until it all comes out, but try in an inconspicuous area to make sure the color does not run or pay a professional person to clean it. Vacuum it afterwards to get out any dirt that may have surfaced. If it comes out sufficiently clean, then use Scotchguard™ to protect it from future soiling.

If you feel you can upholster it, then give me the measurements of backs, seats (allowing 1 1/2" on undersides) and how many chairs and measurements of your couch parts and I can estimate yardage and tell you how to upholster it. There are suitable tapestries in places like Fabricland™ and Fanny's™ that would be suitable. They are usually 54" wide. You should probably use some cotton batting to repad. Using clean padding also helps keep it clean.

Let me hear from you on what you decide to do.


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