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Concrete Landing


I took the old concrete landing out from under the front steps because it was not level. How would you go about replacing it with a new one?


Here are three choices:

  1. Replace the concrete landing with cement pads bought from a building supply store and bed them down on compacted sand.
  2. Pre-fab your own landing from concrete by making a form of 2x4's on edge on a sheet of plywood and placing a grid of re-bar inside and mixing up pre-mixed concrete mix in a wheel barrow. Let it cure for at least a week then slip it in under the steps. Don't make it too big or you won't be able to lift it.
  3. Form and pour the concrete landing in place. Use 2x4 forms again. Hold up the steps with bricks or suitable rocks so they are level and pour the concrete up to the bottom of the stringers.


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