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Cutting crown molding


How do I cut 3 1/2" crown molding at the correct angle?


This is how to cut 3 1/2" crown molding on a compound cut-off saw.

Think of the table on your cut-off saw as the floor or the ceiling where the molding will go. Base (floor) molding is cut upright and crown (ceiling) molding is cut upside down. Crown is tricky this way, because not only is it upside down but its ends are reversed.

I usually have four sample pieces with me when I cut crown molding: one for the inside right miter, one for the inside left, one for the outside right and one for the outside left. Mark each piece, so you know which one's which. These save me cutting up expensive crown just to get my head right every time. I'm referring, of course, to a maximum of a 3 1/2" crown that will stand up vertically against the saw fence. Anything larger would have to be cut on the flat, a different procedure entirely. If your fence isn't high enough, make a 3 1/2" high fence from 1/2" plywood and screw it to your fence from the back with wood screws.

For more info, see my article: How to Cut Crown Molding


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