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Decorative Columns


I am making a Home theater downstairs and need to make square decorative columns. Do you have any plans for these? Some thing simple?


Start off with dimension lumber, 2x4, 2x6, etc. to get the approximate size, 6x6 for example. Then cover the frame with 3/4" MDF. If you have a table saw, miter the edges, so it looks like one piece. Then install MDF panels with molding as in this drawing:

The panels can either be inset below the surface of the column or outset above the surface of the column depending on which way you install the MDF.

Outset: the MDF is cut to the shape of the panel, as shown, then installed with molding around it.

Inset: the MDF is cut into mitered strips, which are attached to the edges of the column with molding on the inside of them. This is where you use your imagination and artist abilities.


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