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Installing Cabinet Knobs and Pulls


We had custom cabinets built for our bathroom. We chose to install the drawer knobs and door handles. What is the best way to install knobs and handles and assure uniformity prior to drilling holes. Cabinet facing wood is cherry.


Pick a measurement you want, depending on the stiles and rails, if any.

The upper cabinet pulls or knobs are attached for easier reach near the bottom of the door. The base cabinets are attached near the top of the door. Start at about 2" by 2" in from the edge and down from the top or up from the bottom, for knobs.

Use a center punch to mark the holes. A center punch for wood is like a sharpened screw driver. In fact that is how I made mine, from an old screw driver that I cut off and sharpened to a point.

Use a small wood block, about 3x4x3/4 thick, for backing on the inside of the door or drawer. This prevents the drill from splitting out the inside face. Just hold it tight on the inside surface when drilling the hole.

I've made jigs to mark and drill the holes, but I prefer just measuring and marking and center punching the holes.

Use a 3/16" drill bit, a bit larger than the machine screw.


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