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Patching Holes in Concrete


How do you fill and seal the gaps between cement and brick or cement and cinder block AND how do you fix the cracks in a cinder block wall?


I think the best thing to use in both cases is LePage Poly Super Strength Cement, a fortified, quick-setting, patching cement because of its great bonding ability and the fact that it sets up in just a few minutes. Make sure the area to be patched is clean of mold, dirt, etc. Dampen the area with water. Mix up the poly cement into a paste and pour it into the gaps, working it with a putty knife to make sure it is compacted into the gap. Build it up a bit with the putty knife or trowel to ensure that water will runoff. Work quickly because it sets up fast. Read the carton for further instructions. This product is better than just sand and cement since concrete will shrink when drying.


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