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Pouring A Shower Pan


Do you know about the type of cement to be used for the shower pan?


There are actually 5 types of portland cement that we use in mixing concrete with variations of the first 3 with air entrainment. The two most common are Type I (Type 10 in Canada) called Normal Portland Cement. This is an all purpose blend which is the most popular. Type III ( Type 30 in Canada) is a high early strength mix.

For a shower pan a Type I should be used. For small amounts of concrete pre-mixed bags are handy. The cement and aggregate are pre-mixed, all that is needed is water. For a bit larger job, one can buy an aggregate mix of sand and gravel called navvy jack which is mixed with cement in the proportion of 6 shovels of aggregate to 1 of cement to give about a 3000 psi mix.


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