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Repairing a textured ceiling


I did some repair work on a ceiling that had a textured stucco-like finish. How would I go about duplicating that finish in the area I was working on.


There are three ways to texture a ceiling that I know of. Blown on, hand textured with a trowel and a combination of the two where it is blown on then gone over with a trowel. If you've got a large area to do, you can rent the machine to blow it on and adjust the nozzle for different size of texture. Otherwise, buy the textured ceiling mix in a bag, mix in water and trowel it on with a 12" drywall trowel. Either way, practice first on spare pieces of drywall. I watched the guy hand trowel my ceiling and he applied a 10'x10' area then went over it again, flattening it out. Sorry, I can't be more specific, there are just too many variables with a textured ceiling.


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