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Risers and Treads


When installing stair treads and risers some people are telling us the stair riser goes on top of the tread. We prefer the look of it behind the tread and thats what it looks like on your page. We just want to know the correct way of installing the riser.


As with any job, there is more than one way of doing it. Regarding the stair riser behind the tread question, I agree with you. It looks better first of all, but more important is the fact that the riser actually helps support the next higher stair tread. The riser goes behind the lower tread and is nailed to it and fits under the upper tread supporting it as well. The stair risers are nailed onto the stair stringer first, then the treads nailed on after.

Start at the bottom riser, narrower than others, then put on the next riser up. Now nail the first stair tread on the stair stringers and nail the riser onto the tread. Use glue to prevent squeaks. Work your way up the set of steps this way.


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