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Splicing Stringers


I need to make stair stringers for a 10' rise. This will work out to the stair stringer being 18 to 20 feet long. I can only find 16' 2 X 12's. Is it okay to splice them to make them long enough? if so HOW?


Most building supply yards that deal with contractors sell dimension lumber to 20'. Home Depots, etc. only sell popular lengths to 16'.

You can build a set of stairs to a maximum total rise of 12' according to the code. You need a stair stringer of about 18', so I would get a 2x12 of 10' and 8' and splice them together with a 4' splice: 2' on each side of the joint, using a 2x12 as the splice. Put the splice on one side only and layout the opposite side. Just tack the splice in place until it is laid out. Then you can cut out the stair stringer and splice together. Then screw or nail the splice together well.

You should support the stair stringer with posts to take the bounce out, as mentioned in my How to Build Stairs articles.


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