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Stair Skirt


I just had new floors installed, including some stairs. Now I want to replace the stair skirt boards with oak to match the stairs. Treads and risers were cut and installed to match the old fir skirt boards, and oak is thicker dimension. Where do I start?


You actually should cover the stair skirt board before the treads and risers are installed for easier installation. However, now that the treads and risers are on, I would use thin veneer to cover the stair skirt, like 1/8" to 1/4" oak in 4'x8' sheets.

Make a pattern from cardboard. Cut these strips a bit wider than the skirt board to allow for scribing against the tread and riser for a tight fit. Once you are happy with the fit, trim the veneer off flush with the top of the skirt board and finish it with a piece of oak running the length of the skirt acting as a cap to cover the end grain of the veneer and top edge of the old stair skirt.


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