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Stair Treads


I used 2x12 non-pressure treated boards for the treads. A couple of carpenters told me the treads should be ripped into two 5 3/4" treads to avoid splitting and cupping of the stairs in a couple of years. Any advice on this?


They're right, the 2x12s will probably split in a few years. I usually just make my treads out of 2x6s. If it's a big job to remove them, I would leave it until they warp or split. If the boards will be painted, don't worry about it; if they split, just fill up the split with a latex or silicone caulking, repaint and no one will know the difference. If you decide to take them off, which I don't advise, be sure to leave a 3/16" air space between the two boards. You might just split them the wrong way by removing them.


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