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Stairs Repair


The level of the concrete in my basement floor is off about an inch between where the ends of the stair stringers will be. This means the stringer height will be different. How should I fit and trim these two different stair stringers?


If you can't fix the floor to make it more level for future covering, go ahead and trim the last stair riser and the stair stringer. Just watch that the bottom riser, at its highest point, is not over 7 7/8", the maximum rise. Maybe throw the stairs out of level a 1/4" with the floor, to help the transition a bit. Keep it level on the top—the main floor.

I've seen the upper floor out 3/4" in 3' before. You do what you have to do. If it can't be rectified easily, give a bit, so it is not as noticeable.


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