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Seasonal 3: Christmas

The Christmas Season is one of the happiest times of the year. However, each year around this time we hear about tragedies that could have been avoided with a little forethought and care.

When thawing pipes with a propane torch, have a bucket of water handy. Use the water in the toilet tank.

Inspect your Christmas tree lights before putting them on the tree. Teach your cat not to bite on the wires. Remember the movie "Christmas Vacation".

Use mini-lights or LED lights on the tree instead of the old fashion hot bulbs.

Keep some water in the tree holder dish, that's why it is shaped that way. Dead trees still need water to keep them from drying out too quickly. Choose a fir or pine, not cedar—they drop their needles too quickly.

When finished with your tree at the end of the season, take it down to the local mall and get it chipped for a small donation to the local service club.

Don't use calcium chloride on your newly poured concrete sidewalks or your old ones for that matter. This stuff is very corrosive to new concrete and particularly to steel and iron products. Better off to use a high nitrogen fertilizer, good for the grass in the spring, as well.

Enjoy your holiday season—be happy not horrified.

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