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Jigs 8: Circular Saw Cutting Jig

When you find it necessary to cut or rip large pieces with a circular saw, a handy cutting jig helps keep the circular saw cuts straight. I use my circular saw cutting jig mostly for cutting gable ends for cabinets to length, as well as, trimming doors, etc.

This circular saw cutting jig is simply a 4' or 8' strip of 1/4" plywood with a 2" ripping on one side. The circular saw is placed on top of this circular saw cutting jig and slides along the 2" ripping to cut the correct width of the base of the jig. The circular saw cutting jig is clamped on top of the door, which is laying on a couple of saw horses. Here are pictures of mine:

circular saw cutting jig

circular saw cutting jig

Notice that the circular saw blade guard is held up with a wedge and that the plywood on the bottom of the guide, underneath the circular saw, comes out flush to the inside of the circular saw blade. This way you can mark your door or whatever piece to be cut and the edge of the circular saw cutting jig will be your cut line, no measuring required from the circular saw base edge to the cut.

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