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Tables 4: Common Conversions

Here are some of the more common conversions that are used in the building trades.

We also have a handy conversion calculator

To ConvertToMultiply By
°C (degrees Centigrade)°F (degrees Fahrenheit)1.8 and add 32
kg (kilograms)lb (pounds)2.205
kPa (kilo Pascals)lbf/in² (pounds of force per square inch)0.1450
kPa (kilo Pascals)lbf/ft² (pounds of force per square foot)20.88
L (liters)gal (imperial gallons)0.2200
L/s (liters per second)gal/min (imperial gallons per minute)13.20
lx (lux)ft-candle0.09290
m (meters)ft (feet)3.281
m² (square meters)ft² (square feet)10.76
m³ (cubic meters)ft³ (cubic feet)35.31
mm (millimeters)in. (inches)0.03937
m³/h (cubic meters per hour)ft³/min (cubic feet per minute)0.5886
m/s (meters per second)ft/min (feet per minute)196.9
MJ (megajoules)BTU (British Thermal Units)947.8
N (Newtons)lbf (pounds of force)0.2248
RSI (insulation)R-value (insulation)5.6818

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