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Tables 1: Rafter Table

A rafter table is commonly imprinted on the steel square (carpenter square, rafter square, framing square). I've revised it a bit to include angles, instead of side cuts for hip and valley rafters which aren't used much. [for info on how to use these tables see Rafter Tables on the Framing Square]

Roof Pitch:Length of common rafters per foot of runLength of hip or valley rafter per foot of run Difference in length of jacks on 16" centersDifference in length of jacks on 24" centersAngle in degrees
212.1617.0916 1/424 5/169 1/2
312.3717.2316 1/224 3/414
412.6517.4416 7/825 3/1618 1/2
513.0017.6917 5/162622 1/2
613.4218.0017 7/826 7/826 1/2
713.8918.3618 1/227 7/830 1/4
814.4218.7619 1/428 7/833 3/4
1015.6219.7020 7/831 1/439 3/4
1116.2820.2221 3/432 5/842 1/2
1216.9720.7822 5/83445

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