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Roof 7: Roof Framing Tips

Dave's answers and tips about roof framing you might find of help. Click on a title to see its answer.

Gable End Framing

When installing barge rafters to support an overhang on a roof, using 2X6's, is there a standard (or recommended) spacing on how far apart to set the barge rafters? My overhang is 32 inches, it's a 10 in 12 roof with a span of 17' plus th    [see answer]

How Many Shingles

How to determine the number of shingles you need to cover a roof.    [see answer]

Reroofing a Roof

How to reshingle a roof.    [see answer]

Roof Pitch Angle

How to convert roof pitches to degrees of angle.    [see answer]

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