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Jigs 2: Table Saw Push Stick

table saw push stick jigThe table saw push stick is a very useful tool for the table saw where the ripping is too small to safely use your fingers to push the piece through. The table saw push stick is simply a stick with a 90 degree notch out of it. This notch is rotated about 45 degrees so the push stick is held at an angle. You can fancy it up with a curved handle or whatever.

You can click the small picture to get the full-size image of a table saw push stick and then print it off on your printer in landscape orientation. The length of the printed table saw push stick outline should be about 11 1/2" (29 cm). Use it as a template to cut your own table saw push stick. The hole in the handle is so you can hang the table saw push stick up in your shop if you want.

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