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Shed 12'x16' Gambrel Roof With Loft Plans

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These wood working plans include:

The following drawings:

  • Foundation Plan including sections of the pressure treated wood, concrete slab and concrete block.
  • Section of the front showing framing of the trusses and the walls.
  • Side Elevation showing the truss layout on the walls.

The plans have a List of Materials, including size and number of the door trim and corner boards, studs, plates, trusses, joists, sub-floor, wood foundation, gussets for the trusses, OSB for the walls and roof; recommended adhesives for the sub-floor, fastenings for the hinges, etc., the framing, sheathing and roofing.

The Instructions include the following topics:

  • The Foundation
    • Concrete Slab: Discussing the placement of anchor bolts; the thickness of the concrete slab and perimeter as well as the material under the slab.
    • Concrete Block: The size of footings required; design of the forms; how to install anchor bolts and the sill plate.
    • Wooden Floor: The wood foundation; the layout of the floor, size of joists, their centers, squaring the floor, how to install tongue and groove (T&G) plywood - staggering and nailing the sheets.

  • The Walls: Installing the bottom plate; layout of the studs, door and windows; headers; constructing the walls, fastening them to each other; bracing the walls.

  • The Attic Floor: length and layout of the floor joists; installing the T&G plywood; the overhang.

  • The Trusses: laying out the trusses full size from the drawings; framing the gable ends and door.

  • Putting it Together: Bracing the walls; laying out the trusses on the walls; erecting the trusses.

  • Sheathing the Walls: framing and sheathing the gable ends; installing sheathing on the walls.

  • Making the Roof: sheathing the roof; installing the overhang.

  • The Trim and Door: trimming the roof, door; constructing and hanging the door.


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