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Building Confidence

Volume 12 Issue 4
ISSN 1923-7162

Welcome to Dave's Shop Talk's Home Improvement Newsletter of questions from our members on their construction projects, a Tip of the Month and a home remodeling article, both from our website at

What's New

Our contest is getting no interest at all! What sort of prize would you be interested in receiving for helping us build up our newsletter audience? Just reply to this newsletter if you have some ideas.

Tip of the Month

Use inexpensive plumbing strapping for holding pipe and valves onto wall framing. Ref: Tables 2: Span Tables for Joists.

And a Bonus Tip:

Replacing the bathroom fan switch with a dehumidifier switch is a good idea to make sure the fan is exhausting moisture outdoors, based on the humidity in the room. Ref: Roof 6: Insulation and Soffits.

Ask Dave!

Instead of our normal format - questions and answers, I would like to do something different this month. I'm going to feature one of our member's projects through the photos he sent me.

Rick built himself a 12x16 gable shed:

Feature Article of the Month

(taken from our website:

Jigs 8: Circular Saw Cutting Jig

When you find it necessary to cut or rip large pieces with a circular saw, a handy cutting jig helps keep the circular saw cuts straight. I use my circular saw cutting jig mostly for cutting gable ends for cabinets to length, as well as, trimming doors, etc.

This circular saw cutting jig is simply a... Read more at Jigs 8: Circular Saw Cutting Jig

Almost the End

Thanks for your emails this month.

If you need advice on your projects at work or home, please become a member of our website, then send me an email. Check out our website!

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