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We are a family owned and operated business. We've produced this website since February 1999. Over the years we have built up a reputation of fair dealing, honesty and professionalism. We are very proud to be recognized by our customers as a site they can trust.

This is Dan Osborne, the webmaster of DaveOsborne.com.

I can't think of any activity in this world, no matter how beneficial, that hasn't been used by criminals to hurt people or take advantage of their trust. People have had their trust betrayed so often that we need to be careful with whom we deal or associate. Fortunately for our civilizations and planet the number of good willed people far outweigh the bad, otherwise we wouldn't be able to form any civilization at all.

If you have not already had dealings with us, then it is understandable that you be cautious. The following declarations are our assurance to you. They apply to any web page on DaveOsborne.com.

How To Contact Us

Dave Osborne: please use our webform

Dan Osborne: email webmaster

Fax number: 250 743 5609

Our Privacy Statement

Any information you give to DaveOsborne.com on any of our web pages or in any email message to us (basically anything you communicate to us) will be respected by us as your own personal information, no matter how trivial. We will not use this information in any way other than how it is plainly to be used (for example, your credit card info is not even seen by a living person. It just goes directly to the credit card company and its only use is as you intended—to make one specific purchase).

We do not sell any mailing lists, we do not rent them, we do not make the slightest bit of money from any information you give us. Nor will we ever sell, rent or make money from your personal information.

We do not SPAM (send unsolicited commercial email, "junk mail") nor do we link our site to anyone who does. If you want to help stamp out SPAM on the Internet, please look into CAUCE. Together we can make a difference.

Please notice that this statement is not written by a lawyer with all sorts of "ifs" or "buts" trying to cloud things or make loopholes.

Pop-Up Windows

These are extra windows containing web pages that just pop up on some sites. These windows generally contain advertising.

We don't like them ourselves, so we don't use them on our site.

Our Use of Cookies

A cookie is a little file made by your browser that is kept on your computer. It is created in order to save some data that otherwise is lost when you go from one web page to another. (more about cookies)

Our only use of cookies is to securely save your login entries on your own computer so you don't have to login each time you visit our site.

Our Guarantee and Liability

We guarantee that you will be happy with what you purchase from DaveOsborne.com or you receive a full refund within 30 days.

On the other side is how much we should be held liable. If someone reads our directions on how to build a table and cuts their finger off with a power saw, should we be held liable for this? Most people say "no", but there are some unscrupulous few who try to pervert the legal system to their own selfish desires. So, we want to make it clear that our directions are to be followed using all the expected, normal precautions to prevent personal injury. These include, but are certainly not limited to, those actions taken by professionals as prescribed by OSHA and Workers' Compensation laws.

We test our products before we describe how to make them, but if you discover some instance where the design can or should be improved for the safety of others, then please tell us right away so we can make these recommendations available to everyone.

Payment Security

We use two very secure payment processing methods: direct payment from our own site and PayPal. Our own site's credit card payment processing system is extremely secure. We accept Visa and MasterCard. You enter your data on a web page that is fully certified by Digicert. It would take a military supercomputer many years to break the encryption we use to protect the transmission of your credit card info. And, the only info we save on our site is the last 4 digits of your credit card and its expiry, so you can identify which card you used when you go to Your Account on our site and so you can be alerted if your card is about to expire if you're a regular subscriber. When you enter your credit card info it is fully encrypted and transmitted to your credit card company where it is then decrypted. Your credit card company just sends us a response saying whether they approved the payment or not and some reference numbers for your own records, which we pass on to you.

If you already have a PayPal account, you can pay for your products and services from our site with that. PayPal is used by over 150 million people. When you first use PayPal you'll need to register with them. This can seem like extra trouble, but it's only necessary to do it one time. After that you can use your PayPal account for all sorts of things, including transferring money to or receiving money from friends in different countries!

If you prefer to pay by cheque, we accept those also. For more info on paying by cheque click here.

You Can Cancel Any Time

When you become a member you are given full access to the site for the entire period that you pay for. If you decide to cancel before that period ends you still have access to the entire site until that period ends. Let's say you register on the three month membership payment plan on June 12. Your membership is good until September 12. If you decide to cancel your membership the same day or the next week or the next month or two, you still have full access to the site until September 12.

We hope that you do not cancel so you can continue making use of our evergrowing site. If you don't cancel your membership, your payment will automatically be taken out of your PayPal account or off your credit card at the end of the membership period you selected so your access to the site will be uninterrupted. Also, if you do not cancel, the fee you are paying will never be raised, although we do raise our fees for new members as our site grows.

If you decide to cancel simply go to Cancel Membership. Whenever you decide to come back for more info (after your present time period is over) you still have the same login that you created and can simply renew your membership without having to think of another username and password. Unfortunately, if you cancel and then rejoin, the fee you pay will be the current rate for new members.

If you are paying through PayPal, full directions of how to cancel are given right here.

You Can Help Us

We are an Amazon associate, so if you click on any product we list from Amazon on our site and then buy it or something else there's a good chance you'll help us get a small earning from "qualifying purchases". So, thank you for that!

We'd Like to Hear From You

We are trying to build a useful site for you. We welcome any and all suggestions, criticisms or questions. You can e-mail us anytime.

Dan Osborne, Webmaster of DaveOsborne.com

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