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2x6 Door Header

On a 2x6 exterior wall, how thick do you make the header?

Attic Bedroom

I am determined to turn an unfinished attic into a bedroom. How do I get started?

Building an Entertainment Center

I'm planning on building an entertainment center/armoire. Most of the plans that I've looked at call for a 1/4" plywood back to be nailed into the sides. However, one plan that I've looked at uses a 3/4

Concrete House

Do you know how I might find information on building the walls and roof of a residential home from cement as they do in commercial construction? This seems like it would be an extremely strong and inexpensive building.

Concrete Repair

How do you fill and seal the gaps between cement and brick or cement and cinder block AND how do you fix the cracks in a cinder block wall?

Dog House Size

I am in the process of building a dog house for my German Shepherd puppy. Can you please tell me what would be the correct size to accomodate her when she has reached her adult state?

Floor Tiling

I am installing tile and carpet in the rec room of my house and the problem is that there's a two foot perimeter of tile around the room and the center of the room is carpet. How do I finish the carpet and attach it to the floor? There i

House Foundation

Should I put tar paper against the cement foundation wall before I put up the 2x4's?

How to Install a Ceiling Fan

How do I install a heavy ceiling fan so it won't fly or fall off?

How to Repair a Textured Ceiling

I did some repair work on a ceiling that had a textured stucco-like finish. How would I go about duplicating that finish in the area I was working on?

How to cut crown molding

How do I cut 3 1/2" crown molding at the correct angle?

Installing a Door or Window

When installing doors and windows in a new construction house, how much bigger do I make the rough opening than the actual size of the door or window?

Kitchen cabinets

I'm looking at building kitchen cabinets. Would they be similar to your corner cabinet plans or is there a difference in the case construction?

Refinishing Kitchen Cabinets

I would like to refinish my kitchen cabinets that are lacquered with a dark brown lacquer. I want to strip the lacquer and repaint them in a solid color. I do not want a glossy finish and am worried about paint brush strokes. I was consid

Right Hand vs Left Hand Door

How does one determine the swing of a door?

Shed Foundation

I'm building a 10' x 12' gambrel roof storage shed on 3 - 4" x 6" runners and I'm going to use 2"x12"x12

Standard Door Sizes

Is there a standard width to a hallway? Also I've got a 36" front entrance door, the rest are 32". Is there a reason to put a 36" door anywhere else?

Stucco Repair

I have to repair some stucco damage around the outside of the house due to water coming up behind the stucco. How can I get a good color match and how do I go about getting started?

Window Wells

How do you construct a window well?


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