Remodeling 23: Remodeling Finishing Answers

Here's a list of Dave's answers about finishing you might find of help. Click on a title to see its answer.

Bifold Door Framing

How do you frame in a bifold door? What are the rough opening measurements?    [see answer]

Building an Entertainment Center

I'm planning on building an entertainment center/armoire. Most of the plans that I've looked at call for a 1/4" plywood back to be nailed into the sides. However, one plan that I've looked at uses a 3/4    [see answer]

Ceramic Tile Floor

I want to put down tile on the kitchen floor. The floor currently has vinyl from the 70's and is flush with my hardwood floors in the dining and living room. My question is do I need to take out the subfloor and replace it so once my til    [see answer]

Cutting crown molding

How do I cut 3 1/2" crown molding at the correct angle?    [see answer]

Decorative Columns

I am making a Home theater downstairs and need to make square decorative columns. Do you have any plans for these?    [see answer]

Determining the Swing of a Door

How does one determine the swing of a door?    [see answer]

Door Hanging

I'm in the process of finishing my new house and have a question. I have to hang doors, put on the base and door trim and lay a pre-finished hardwood floor. What should the order be? The sheetrock is up, spackled and painted.    [see answer]

Drywall Hangers

Have you any suggestions for the BEST methods for hanging shelves or other heavy objects from drywall where using a stud won't work?    [see answer]

Drywall to Wood Transition

Any suggestions on how to make the joint when you butt drywall to a timber frame post.    [see answer]

Height of Door Handles

What is the height to fit internal door handles?    [see answer]

How to Install Drywall

How close to the floor and ceiling should drywall go?    [see answer]

Install Carpet and Baseboard

I am finishing a basement and we are putting down an OSB subfloor which will eventually have wall to wall carpet over it. Should I install baseboard trim before or after we install the carpet?    [see answer]

Installing Cabinet Knobs and Pulls

We had custom cabinets built for our bathroom. We chose to install the drawer knobs and door handles. What is the best way to install knobs and handles and assure uniformity prior to drilling holes. Cabinet facing wood is cherry.    [see answer]

Kitchen cabinets

I'm looking at building kitchen cabinets. Would they be similar to your corner cabinet plans or is there a difference in the case construction?    [see answer]

Refinishing Kitchen Cabinets

I would like to refinish my kitchen cabinets that are lacquered with a dark brown lacquer. I want to strip the lacquer and repaint them in a solid color. I do not want a glossy finish and am worried about paint brush strokes. I was consid    [see answer]

Repairing a textured ceiling

I did some repair work on a ceiling that had a textured stucco-like finish. How would I go about duplicating that finish in the area I was working on.    [see answer]

Standard Widths of a Door and Hall

Is there a standard width to a hallway? Also I've got a 36" front entrance door, the rest are 32". Is there a reason to put a 36" door anywhere else?    [see answer]

Staples for Underlayment

If I use staples for a Luan underlayment (for Linoleum in a bathroom), what size staple is best? Also, I thought the underlayment should end up half way through the doorway, but someone just told me only 3/4 inch and the carpet will be la    [see answer]

Supporting a Ceiling Fan

How do I attach a heavy ceiling fan so it won't fly or fall off?    [see answer]

Taping Cement Board Joints

I'm confused about whether or not to tape the joints on 1/4 inch wonderboard, a cement backer board for tile. The manufacturer says not to, but people in the trade say to tape them with fiberglass drywall tape. Any insight on this would b    [see answer]

Tiling a Floor

I am installing tile and carpet in the rec room of my house and the problem is that there's a two foot perimeter of tile around the room and the center of the room is carpet. How do I finish the carpet and attach it to the floor? There i    [see answer]

Window Trim

Lots of people trim out their windows different than others. What's your preferred way of installing inside window trim?    [see answer]

Wood Finishing

I would appreciate any feedback from you regarding finishing the interior pine side of an out-swing french door patio door. After applying a conditioner (per Minwax's recommendation) I am considering applying a gel stain. Is any sanding n    [see answer]


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