Remodeling 22: Wood Framing Answers

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Bifold Door Header

Could you please tell me how you build headers for closet bifold doors that are 6'0" wide on non-bearing walls? Do you just build them out of 2x4's?    [see answer]

Concrete House

Do you know how I might find information on building the walls and roof of a residential home from cement as they do in commercial construction? This seems like it would be an extremely strong and inexpensive building.    [see answer]

Connecting Wall to Foundation

Should I put tar paper against the cement foundation wall before I put up the 2x4's?    [see answer]

Constructing a Window Well

How do you construct a window well?    [see answer]

Exterior Wood Finishes

Can you give me some guidance on wood for my bar? For framing, I'll use treated lumber, but for the exterior visible surfaces, I wanted to use something a little nicer.    [see answer]

Filling in a Window With Sheathing

My question right now is on removing (filling in) an existing window. I am clear on what I will need to do with the framing. My question is on the exterior sheeting.    [see answer]

Foundation for a Shed

I'm building a 10' x 12' gambrel roof storage shed on 3 - 4" x 6" runners and I'm going to use 2"x12"x12    [see answer]

Framing a Header in a 2x6 Wall

On a 2x6 exterior wall, how thick do you make the door header?    [see answer]

How to Install a Ridge Vent

Do you have any instructions/tips for installing a ridge vent on an existing attic roof?    [see answer]

Metal Roof Installation

The home I am building is a 28x30 Chalet style home. I am considering using metal roof sheeting. On a residential home, can the sheeting be installed with purlins alone attached to the rafters, without sheeting, or do I need both.    [see answer]

Patching Holes in Concrete

How do you fill and seal the gaps between cement and brick or cement and cinder block AND how do you fix the cracks in a cinder block wall?    [see answer]

Pole Building

Do you have any advice for me to give my husband on setting poles for a pole building? It will be a 28' x 40' garage.    [see answer]

Post and Beam

I'm building a gazebo and have a question about how to attach the beams at the top of my posts.    [see answer]

Removing a Wall

I am interested in taking down an interior wall that separates my kitchen and dining room and the wall runs parallel with the floor joists. Are there any special precautions that I should keep in mind while undertaking this project?    [see answer]

Renovating an Attic

I am determined to turn an unfinished attic into a bedroom. How do I get started?    [see answer]

Repairing Stucco

I have to repair some stucco damage around the outside of the house due to water coming up behind the stucco. How can I get a good color match and how do I go about getting started?    [see answer]

Size of Dog House

I am in the process of building a dog house for my German Shepherd puppy. Can you please tell me what would be the correct size to accomodate her when she has reached her adult state?    [see answer]

Size of Rough Opening for Door or Window

When installing doors and windows in a new construction house, how much bigger do I make the rough opening than the actual size of the door or window?    [see answer]

Standard Door and Hall Widths

Is there a standard width to a hallway? Also I've got a 36" front entrance door, the rest are 32". Is there a reason to put a 36" door anywhere else?    [see answer]

Tar Paper

Do you use tar paper for moisture barrier under vinyl siding, the same as felt paper? We have 15 and 30 pound, which one? Is Tyvek housewrap better?    [see answer]

Vents in a Mobile Home Skirting

Can you tell me what amount of vents should be in the skirting of a mobile home?    [see answer]


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