Shop Work Bench Table

These wood working plans include:

The following drawings:

  • A section of the length of the work bench
  • A section of the end of the work table
  • Detail of the work bench legs

The plans have a List of Materials, including the size and number of sheets of MDF, the size and number of the legs and ledgers, the size and quantity of screws and the recommended glue.

The Instructions include the following topics:

The Intro, Constructing the Bents, Assembly and Finishing.

Drawing of our shop work bench woodworking project.

List of Materials for the Shop Work Bench Table:

  • 2 sheets 4x8x3/4" MDF
  • 6 pieces 2x4x6' for legs
  • 4 pieces 2x4x8' for ledgers
  • 4 pieces 2x4x6' for ledgers
  • 2 lbs. 3" deck screws
  • 2 lbs. 2" deck screws
  • Carpenter's Yellow Wood Glue


Introduction to the Shop Work Bench Table:

With a work bench such as this, it is important to make good tight joints at the legs and ledgers to keep the bench steady. In effect, the ledgers are the braces of this table. I've designed this work bench to do this easily with the laminated 2x4 legs. Rather than notching the legs, we can cut pieces which are screwed and glued to a solid leg.

Constructing the Bents for the Shop Work Bench Table:

Let's make up the three frames, called bents, then assemble the rest of the work bench. Let's start with the 2 ends and the middle legs (see the diagram Bent Detail). Cut the 6 single legs 33 1/4" to allow for the top 3/4" giving us a height of 34". If this work table will be used for a receiving table coming off a table saw, be sure to measure the top of the table saw from the floor and change the height of these bents accordingly. Cut 6 - 6" 2x4s for the bottom leg below the shelf. Glue and screw the 6" piece to the bottom of the long leg, keeping it flush. Cut 6 - 2x4s 29" long for the upper and lower ledgers for each bent. Fasten the 29" ledger to the bottom of the 3 legs on each side. Check the length of the longer piece of the leg, which goes on top of the ledger. It should be something like 20 1/8 to 20 1/4 depending on how wet the 2x4s are. Cut and fasten these on the legs as well as the 29" top ledger. This completes the 3 bents.

Assembly of the Shop Work Bench Table:

To continue, place the 3 bents on their sides. Refer to the drawing and orient the end bents with the ledgers on the outside and the center one facing left. Glue and screw the bottom and top ledgers in position per the diagram Bent Detail. Stand the frame up and fasten the ledgers to the other side. Cut the MDF for the shelf including the notches around the legs. Place it into position from the top down. Fasten the shelf to the top of the ledgers. Cut and assemble the top, fastening to the ledgers, as well.

Finishing of the Shop Work Bench Table:

As a final touch, fill in the gaps at the legs with bits of MDF sawn from the shelf or top. Paint, stain or seal the work table according to your preference.


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