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Volume 1 Issue 4“Building Confidence”July 2003



Welcome to those who have joined us since our last Newsletter in June. Our site continues to grow.


We have a new article for you: How to Install a Skylight in an Existing Roof (, spawned from a question from a member.

We have added two new tables in our Tables section. One entitled, Tables 6: Nail Table ( This shows the size and number of nails required for common framing attachments. The other, Table 7: Penny Nail ( is a conversion table from inches of length to penny length of nail, with a short story as to how this system came about. Also included is the approximate number of nails per pound for their individual lengths, handy for estimating quantities for that special project.

Also new for this issue is the addition of the following plans: Gambrel Shed with Loft (, ideal for storing your construction materials; A Utility Shed ( which is 12'x16', a good size for a little work shop; a Mission Style Entertainment center (, a fine piece of furniture; and plans for a corner cabinet ( for a corner sink. Included in your membership fees, now you have free access to our ever growing inventory of plans. Take advantage of our custom service for plans, still at a nominal cost.

We have added a new choice of term for our new members signing up, $25 for a three year term - almost a year for free, something to consider.

Notice the new links in the left margin of the Index Page, you may find them useful, just don't spend too much time over there.

I was complaining to Dan how awkward it is to sign on all the time, every time I go to the web site. Dan, being the clever WebMaster that he is, simply fixed it, with the help of "cookies". Now it's a breeze to enter our web site. So be sure your cookies are enabled, Dan can help you with that if you are having trouble. Thanks, Dan.

Coming Soon

I would like to write some articles on the following subjects: Installing a Ceramic Floor, Installing Vinyl Siding and Building a Workshop Bench. Any others that may interest you? I've helped a couple of members recently with their newel posts and handrail systems, so may incorporate this subject into an article, too.

I would also like to add more plans Octagon picnic table, among others. I'll keep watch on the surveys and emails to see what you want out there.

Ask Away!

Thanks to all those readers out there that helped me with the french drain question. For those of you just dying to know what a french drain is, basically it is just a trench dug with drain rock in it without a pipe along it. The pipe is at the end to drain water that seeps through the rock in the trench. Usually when we put in a drainage ditch, say around the perimeter of the foundation of a house or in a septic disposal system, a perforated pipe is installed in the trench with drain rock surrounding it. In the case of the french drain there is no pipe in the trench, just the rock.

Questions recently have been very interesting and challenging. Roy has been working on his stairs, adding new hardwood treads and newels and balustrade. I've been working along side him helping him with the spacing going down the steps two spindles per tread and all that. He sent me pictures of his progress, I certainly don't mind helping someone that is doing a good job like Roy. From his pictures I can see the care going into his project, nice tight joints. Pictures are great if you can get them to me via the internet. I should have enough material to do an article on this subject.

Survey Says

Here is the break down on our Survey for this issue:

  • More how to articles 21%
  • Outdoor furniture plans 19%
  • Patio deck plans 19%
  • Shed Plans 15%
  • Planter plans 13%
  • Picnic table plans 13%

The following titles were suggested for articles: Installing pre-hung doors; Installing ceramic Tiles; and Taking Bids for Additions and Remodeling Jobs. Watch for them in the future.

Thanks for your input.

In closing, let me express again Dan's and my appreciation for your continued support and hopefully, together, we can help build confidence out there.

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