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Plumbing and Ventilation 3: Questions on Plumbing and Ventilation

Here's a list of Dave's answers about plumbing and ventilation you might find of help. Click on a title to see its answer.

Heating Ducts

I am refinishing the basement and need two additional air ducts in the bedroom and bathroom from the existing central air conditioning plenum. I need suggestions and/or diagrams on the proper assembly. I want to use rigid ducting and am looking at possibly 4" or 6" diameter with the total length of both locations of 8 linear feet.    [see answer]

Installing A Shower Valve

Can you tell me how to install a shower valve in my new bathroom. The two 1/2" water pipes are stubbed out between two 2X4's in the wall. I just don't know how to mount the valve between them. Is there some type of special bracket that is made to do this?    [see answer]

Pex Pipe

I see a lot of people using pex for domestic water in new houses. In your opinion what are the advantages and disadvantages of using it.    [see answer]

Plastic Sewer Pipe To Cast Iron Bell

We are renovating an old house that has a septic system. The pipe to the septic is cast iron. How can we change this pipe to plastic pipe?    [see answer]

Pouring A Shower Pan

Do you know about the type of cement to be used for the shower pan?    [see answer]

Range Hood Vent

Where can I find info on installing a rectangular range hood vent?    [see answer]

Toilet Space

How much space for a toilet is normal (the smallest) to have between a vanity and a bath tub?    [see answer]

Washing Machine Vent

How do I vent a washing machine without hooking up to a vent stack or through the roof?    [see answer]

Wet Vent

What is a wet vent? How do you vent tubs and showers?    [see answer]

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